5 Great friends gift ideas

Since my friend last birthday,  my group of friends and I decided to make that day special for each of one of us. We sent her a beautiful flower arrangement to her office and a note wishing her the best.Thru the years we forgot the importance to give a special detail  on those specials moments.

So I decided to make a post of  5 great friends gift ideas, so I hope it inspires you and your friends to do it!

1.  Nail polish plus a bouquet  of flowers will make any girl happy!

2. Brownies arranged in a beautiful way. 

3. A bouquet of flowers. 

4. Sweet treats!

5. A basket full of candies. 

(Photos from http://www.pinterest.com)



As a mexican I can´t be more proud of Frida´s work, no only in the Arts but also in the style and fashion scene then and now. 


Winner of SammyDress

At the end of the last  year  I made a collaboration with SammyDress.com (http://didianadi.blogspot.mx/2013/12/giveaway.html),  We giveaway an item from their website. The winner was Susana Silva and she was kind enough to send me the photo of the item that she received.

Just wanted to thanked SammyDress.com  and congratulate again Susana!

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